Hochgeschwindigkeits Visualisierung

responsible: Dr.-Ing. Jörg sour herring

 The “HighSpeedStar 6” camera from LaVision with various optics and far-field microscope (Questar QM1) as well as the Spray Master System (LaVision) especially for spray examinations is available for high-speed visualization in various applications. Different light sources including powerful laser technology can be used for illumination.

Device systems and performance data:

Camera "HighSpeedStar 6
    max. Recording rate: 150 kHz
    1024 x 1024 pixels at 5.4 kHz Pixel
    size: 20 x 20 µm²
    Sensor: 12 bit CMOS

Shimadzu HPV2 max.recording rate
    : 1MHz
    constant 312 x 260 pixels

Flash lamp "NanoLite Ministrobokin 20 TW"
    max. Frequency: 20 kHz
    Flash duration: 20 ns

    Leica MZ APO        stereo microscope

Far-field microscope "Questar QM1"
    Working distance : 0.56 - 1.5 m,
    min. Field of view: 2.5 x 2.5 mm²

Coherent Corona Laser System
    Nd: YAG high-power laser
    Wavelength: 532 nm
    Frequency: 5 - 25 kHz
    Pulse width at 10 kHz: 160 ns Pulse
    energy at 10 kHz: 7.5 mJ Max.power
    at 10 kHz: 75 W.

 High Speed ​​Visualization - Optical Processes

 Leakage of a liquid lamella

Microscopic visualization


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