Thermal Power Plants


  •  Chemical and Energy Engineering CEE


 Thermal Power Plants

Objectives and Competence

This courses discusses the various devices used to convert various sources of chemical energy, atomic or solar energy into electrical or mechanical power. The course focuses on plant design and control, efficiency and pollutant emission.

This course applies the students ‘competence in Thermodynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer and Combustion to the understanding of modern power plants design. The students are able to estimate the power, energy consumption, environmental impacts of various plants and engines and to propose efficiency improvements.


The course will not be held in summer term 2022.


  •  Global data of energy consumption
  • Overview of power cycles
  • The Rankine cycle and its optimization
  • Steam generators
  • Coal and Biomass Fired power plants
  • Solar-thermal power plants
  • Nuclear power plants
  • Reciprocating Engines
  • Gas turbines.

 Requirement for participation

 Combustion Engineering


 Written exam 120 min, 4 CP


Dr. B. Fond


Lecture slides, notes, and tutorial exercises for download.

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