Temperature imaging on operating batteries

Robust temperature imaging on operating batteries using thermographic phosphors


Person in charge: Joel M. Lopez Bonilla


As part of the battery thermal management, the temperature measurement on the battery surface is an important input to characterize the its thermal. These measurements should be conducted, as much as possible, under real operational conditions, as no volumetric expansion. Then, a phosphor thermometric technique, based on the temperature dependent phase shift (see first figure) is performed on a phosphor coated pouch cell battery. This technique requires a light source to excite the phosphor and a detector to collect the emission signal. In this case, the light source is an affordable and safe blue LED and the detector is a CMOS high speed camera. As a result, the whole temperature surface is measured with proper temporal and spatial resolution, as is shown in third figure.  

Phase shift from excitation and emission signals


Battery during the experiments

Temperature field on the battery surface

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