New phosphor materials

Person in charge: Linda Dalipi


Recently, the development of the technological fields has greatly increased the demand for investigating remotely the temperature distribution in vitro and in vivo. Themographic phosphors are potential materials that can be employed for such applications.

Phosphors are solid crystalline compounds, often doped with transition metal, rare-earth or lanthanides ions, which exhibit the property of luminescence. They are light converters, eg. they absorb UV light and emit in visible spectrum range. The emitted light is called "Photoluminescence". The photoluminescence properties such as emission spectrum, and lifetime are temperature dependent. Therefore, these materials can be used as contact thermometers.

Phosphors have an enormous range of uses involving remote temperature measurements such as imaging, medical treatment, combustion applications. Besides, phopshors can also be used in other technologies, for instance in white LEDs, solid-state lasers, and solar cells.

Remote 2D surface temperature imaging of a metal plate coated with YVO4:Eu3+ phosphor under localized heating


Temperature map of a steel plate coated with YVO4:Eu3+ illuminated with 270 nm and 340 nm low power pulsed LED under localized heating

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