Dispersion in packed bed


Person in charge:  Afrin Merchant


Jet dispersion, heat transfer and chemical reaction in packed and moving bed reactors

 Fixed and moving bed reactors are important unit operations in chemical and energy process engineering. So far, primarily because of the poor accessibility of fixed beds, relatively little experimental data exists regarding the temperature distribution and jet dispersion in relevant reactors. Three types of packings are used in the industry – SUC, BCC and random packing with void fractions of 0.48, 0.32 and 0.40 respectively, as shown in the figure 1 below. In order to better understand the processes going on inside the packed bed, these three packings are arranged in an industrial scale oven with different temperatures (up to 600°C) and flow rate (turbulent flow). 3D Temperature and concentration measurements are made inside the oven.Distributed Temperature Sensing system using Raman spectroscopy and Glass Fiber optics is used to measure the temperature. The concentration or jet dispersion is measured using a suction gas analyzer.

At LTT, we develop this novel interparticle high temperature and concentration measurement approach in order to understand the jet dispersion and heat transfer taking place in the packed beds.

Packing arrangements: SUC, BCC and random


Sketch of the packed bed


Raman optical time domain reflectometry

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