Nanoparticle synthesis in flames

Person in Charge:  Dr. Abhijeet Kumar


Optical diagnostics in reactive flows


  • Different sectors such as rocket engines, gas turbines, IC engines, coal gasifiers, industrial burners for nanoparticles generation etc. involve spray combustion process.

  • Hence, it is important to perform various measurements and investigations in the combusting/reactive flow environment.

  • Nanoparticle generation through coaxial airblast atomization.

  • Non-intrusive optical diagnostic techniques used: (a) Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) for investigating the velocity of the spray droplets in the absence and presence of flame, (b) Two-dimensional Multi-Angle Light Scattering ( 2D-MALS) to investigate the size of nanoparticles generated after spray combustion.

Left: Instantaneous raw PIV image;  Right: Axial velocity field corresponding to the raw image

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