Spray Diagnostics

A spray can only do its job well if it has the necessary properties for the application. This includes, for example, that the droplet sizes and droplet velocities are in a certain range or that the liquid is distributed evenly across the spray cross-section. At our chair we have a variety of measurement techniques for the characterisation of sprays.These include high-speed cameras with various lenses, such as a far-field microscope, and Particle-Image-Velocimetry to determine the velocity distribution in the spray, Particle- Doppler-Anemometry to determine droplet sizes and velocities, fluorescence techniques to determine the spray density or infrared thermography to characterise the spray/wall-interaction. In addition, we have a conditionable, optically accessible chamber in which experiments can be carried out under negative and positive realtive pressure and at high temperatures.

Sprayanalyse auf Basis von Schattenaufnahmen 


Druckkammer mit variablen optischen Zugängen und eine Verteilung der Tropfen Ohnesorge-Zahl über der Reynolds-Zahl welche aus PDA-Messungen ermittelt wurden.



Flüssigkeitsverteilung und Geschwindigkeitsverteilung in einem Sprühstrahl; basierend auf Laserlichtschnitt-Messungen und PIV-Messungen.


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