responsible: Dipl.-Chem. Michael King

In the development of engine combustion processes, optical investigations into spray dispersion, mixture formation and the characterization of droplet diameter and velocity distributions play an important role.
The heated pressure chamber operated in cooperation with the Chair for Piston Engines enables investigations for both gasoline and diesel injectors under operating conditions close to the engine. Due to the large chamber volume with four large side windows and a bottom window, the chamber has very good optical accessibility and allows high-speed visualizations (shadow and streak methods, in the light section and with incident light), extinction measurements, phase Doppler anemometry (PDA) and investigations using laser-induced fluorescence (LIF / LIEF) and PIV.
In order to avoid fuel accumulation, a correspondingly heated, constant air flow provided by a high-pressure compressor (60 bar) can flow through it

  • Volume: 11 l

  • Pressure range: 1 - 60 bar

  • Temperature range: 20 - 250 ° C (500 ° C)

  • Window (quartz glass):
    3 side windows (ø 80 mm)
    1 bottom window (ø 200 mm)

  • adjustable flow

  • Compressor: 60 bar, 150 m3 (N) / h (type 60.1.300.0310.23, Neuenhauser Kompressorenbau).
  • Pressure generator station diesel injectors: 500 - 2000 bar
  • Pressure generator station for petrol injectors: 5 - 320 bar

 Pressure chamber

Pressure chamber scheme



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